The Head Waiter Cometh, The Awakening

head waiter

By her second Margarita, Linda was feeling very uninhibited. When the waiter came to the table, Will ordered another round.

“So, Will, how come a good-looking man like you isn’t married?”

Will spit out a little of his Mojito, as he burst out in laughter. He wiped his mouth with his hand and smiled demurely. He looked at Linda incredulously, pursed his lips, and took another sip of his Mojito. “I have more than just marriage on my mind right now. I’m tryin to focus on my career. I have no immediate plans of settlin down.”
“Are you seeing a ‘special someone?’”

“No, Linda I’m not. There’s no one ‘special’ in my life, right now. I’m jus dating. I’m not tryin to have a serious relationship, right now.”

Linda was very surprised at his reply. The Tequila emboldened her. She decided that it was time to put her bid in. “Is ‘just dating’ a polite way of telling me you’re having your way with more than one woman?”

Will looked her in her eyes and studied her face, before he responded. “Yes Linda, that’s exactly what that means. I have three chicks that I’m seeing.”

“Damn Will! When do you have time to sleep?”

“I’ll sleep when I’m dead. You know what they say, ‘work hard, play hard.’”

“Damn Will! They must be taking good care of you.”

“Well, let’s just say that I have no complaints.”

Things were not going the way Linda imagined they would. She was startled by Will’s admission, but she couldn’t really be surprised. He was, after all, six-foot-four and she couldn’t imagine any woman wouldn’t be impressed by his sandy brown hair, olive complexion, grey eyes and biceps that bulged through his suit jacket, each time he moved his arms. He could tempt any woman with a pulse.




Linda was overcome by insecurity, as Will drove her back to her automobile. She was forty pounds overweight, had no close personal friends, and was estranged from her parents and siblings because of their view that she ‘acted too white.’

As they were approaching the workplace, she calmed herself be remembering how she had felt earlier in the day, as she stood next to Will at the copier. She reminded herself that she had not had sex with a man in almost 4 months. It was time to make her move.


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