The Head Waiter Cometh, Part IV: The Coming Out Party



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“Samantha leaned into Linda and kissed her passionately on the mouth. Linda couldn’t move. Hearing those words; the arousal of her senses from the heat from Samantha’s body, sent her into emotional shock. Linda closed her eyes and opened her mouth. Samantha pushed her tongue into Linda’s mouth. Linda was so excited her heart palpitated. She felt lightheaded. She tried to breathe through her nose to calm herself, but her nostrils filled with Samantha’s intoxicating perfume. She dug her fingers into the leather of the sofa in an effort to steady herself. Her heart was beating so fast, she could not catch her breath.”

The Head Waiter Cometh, The Awakening

head waiter

By her second Margarita, Linda was feeling very uninhibited. When the waiter came to the table, Will ordered another round.

“So, Will, how come a good-looking man like you isn’t married?”

Will spit out a little of his Mojito, as he burst out in laughter. He wiped his mouth with his hand and smiled demurely. He looked at Linda incredulously, pursed his lips, and took another sip of his Mojito. “I have more than just marriage on my mind right now. I’m tryin to focus on my career. I have no immediate plans of settlin down.”
“Are you seeing a ‘special someone?’”

“No, Linda I’m not. There’s no one ‘special’ in my life, right now. I’m jus dating. I’m not tryin to have a serious relationship, right now.”

Linda was very surprised at his reply. The Tequila emboldened her. She decided that it was time to put her bid in. “Is ‘just dating’ a polite way of telling me you’re having your way with more than one woman?”

Will looked her in her eyes and studied her face, before he responded. “Yes Linda, that’s exactly what that means. I have three chicks that I’m seeing.”

“Damn Will! When do you have time to sleep?”

“I’ll sleep when I’m dead. You know what they say, ‘work hard, play hard.’”

“Damn Will! They must be taking good care of you.”

“Well, let’s just say that I have no complaints.”

Things were not going the way Linda imagined they would. She was startled by Will’s admission, but she couldn’t really be surprised. He was, after all, six-foot-four and she couldn’t imagine any woman wouldn’t be impressed by his sandy brown hair, olive complexion, grey eyes and biceps that bulged through his suit jacket, each time he moved his arms. He could tempt any woman with a pulse.




Linda was overcome by insecurity, as Will drove her back to her automobile. She was forty pounds overweight, had no close personal friends, and was estranged from her parents and siblings because of their view that she ‘acted too white.’

As they were approaching the workplace, she calmed herself be remembering how she had felt earlier in the day, as she stood next to Will at the copier. She reminded herself that she had not had sex with a man in almost 4 months. It was time to make her move.


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The Trouble With Harry Goodman

available in Kindle on AmazonI've worn these Oakley Tightrope glasses maybe 40 times in the past year. I wear them only for bicycling and the occasional weekend event. I was very surprised to see paint chips had flaked off. For Details check out

An excerpt from chapter 8 of my latest novel:

“Harry enjoyed being on the third floor of the Whitney. He wanted an old house like it one day, but knew that he might have to move somewhere on the eastern seaboard to find one. His daydreaming was disrupted by the smell of Janet’s perfume. “Hello Janet,” Harry said, without turning away from the window.

“Good evening Harry Goodman.” Janet moved toward Harry, pressing herself against him. She kissed him lightly on the mouth. “Have you been having a good day Harry?”

“I’ve been having a superlative day. Let’s go to the bar and get a drink.”

They sat at the end of the bar. They were immediately approached by a petite young Asia woman with spiked golden blonde hair and a nose ring adorning her left nostril. “Hi, my name is Bridgette. Welcome to the Ghost Bar. What may I get for you? Would you like to see some menus?”

Janet looked at Harry. “Are you hungry Janet?”

“Yes, Harry I am. Let’s look at some menus.”

Harry ordered a Stoli martini. Janet had a Cosmopolitan. Bridgette handed them menus from the counter below the mirrored wall and began working on their drink orders.

“So what kind of work do you do? Wait, lemme guess.” Janet took a sip from her drink and studied Harry’s face. “You’re a psychologist.”

Harry tried not to react. He wanted to believe that she had made a lucky guess. He gave her a demure smile. “You’re right Janet. I’m a psychologist. More to the point, I’m a psychotherapist. I also do psychometric testing, because I realized I had a knack for it, when I was working on my masters.”

Janet had a huge grin on her face. “Wow, I’m in the first year of my doctoral program in psychology at Wayne State. That’s amazing Harry! I’ve almost accumulated enough credits to have earned a Masters. Oh my God! I’ve been searching high and low for somewhere to do my practicum.”

Janet stood up and moved between Harry’s legs. She put her hand on Harry’s left thigh and rubbed it slowly. “Harry, hook a sistah up. I’ll make it worth your while,” she stated in her little girl voice. Janet put her hand on the bulge growing in Harry’s pants. He was glad that he had put on boxers that morning, as his engorged member began pushing against the soft material of his underpants.”







And here’s a little more from chapter 14:

When they emerged from the shower, Harry suggested that they go and get some breakfast.  They drove to the Farmer’s Restaurant in the Eastern Market. They sat in the booth in the front window.

“You ever been here before, Janet?”

“No Harry. I’m sure I haven’t. If I come down here, I usually go across the street to Zeff’s. I didn’t know this place existed. I don’t do Eastern Market that often.”

“Well the pancakes are great, and the eggs are the freshest you’ll find anywhere.”

“That sounds good to me. Order me some turkey sausage too Boo.”

“No porko for you, eh?”

“Uh no, darling. I’m not Muslim, but I was married to a devout one. Pork has been off the menu for many, many years.”

When the waitress arrived, Harry ordered pancakes and eggs, but there was no turkey sausage to be had at Farmer’s Restaurant. Harry decided not to make her watch him eat their delicious pork sausages.

“Do you realize that this is the first time you’ve taken me out to eat? You know what they say: when a man feeds you, he wants something from you.”
“That’s pretty profound. And you’re right. I do need something from you. I have to go to the school later to interview four of the students that I plan to evaluate Saturday. You interested in doing some of the interviews?”

Janet had a distinct look of surprise on her face. “You’d trust me to conduct the interviews?” Janet was beaming with excitement.

“Yeah, I would Janet. You’re doing a fine job for me. I’d like to expand your role. I think another perspective might be in order. It may also help speed up the process. The sooner this project is over, the better.”

“Oh, okay, that’s why you called me last night.  You wanted to talk to me about this, didn’t you?”

“Not entirely Boo. I wanted to see you. I did have a meeting with the chancellor of the Academy last evening. She’s compiling a report to the feds that has to be sent to them by November 30. With your assistance, I might be able to get most of the testing done by November 26. I had originally planned to work through the end of January on the evaluations, but now she’s squeezin me to get them all done before the academy’s winter break.”